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      i have data in pdf.

      can we extract the data?

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          Giuseppe Novello



          I would doubt you could, because PDF is basically virtual print sheet, I can't think if there a some kind ODBC or OLE BD connector that can translate the data to Qlikview.However, don't put your hopes down maybe someone else has a better answer.



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            hello Anil,


            I agree with Giuseppe not directly in QlikView, you have to save in text format (. Txt), open the pdf file, save it as text (. Txt), and in QlikView you can upload txt files, it is the only solution I guess.


            Greetings and I hope that these observations serve.

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              ISHFAQUE AHMED

              Dear Anil,


              You can do it right now through third party software.


              I recommended you Nitro Pro.



              Kind regards,

              Ishfaque Ahmed