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    QlikView 11.2 SR5 - Security issue


      We have installed QlikView 11.2 SR5 version on Windows 2012 servers and migrated all contents from old servers to new servers. Source document and User documents folder is configured to Internal Windows FileShare.

      We have LDAP authentication set up and I have added all domains in the Directory Service connectors. We have created few users accounts on Internal domain (for employees) and other User accounts on DMZ domain (for clients). After publishing the docs to User documents (on Internal fileshare), Internal users have no problems accessing the published documents. But External client customers are not able to access fileshare. I made sure all ports between firewalls are open.

      We identified that Fileshare needs to be on DMZ domain since there is 1-way trust between Internal and DMZ domains. But even after moving to User documents fileshare to DMZ location, External users cannot see the documents. Internal Users have no problems.


      I am not sure if we're missing anything. Any ideas?


      This is urgent and any suggestions will help!