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    Extension issue..

    Raju Kannuri

      Hi Community,


      How to add extension to Extension Object.

      If i am adding Document Properties----->Extensions---->Add Extension Name

      it's showing all pages.. but i need only one page..


      How to add only one Sheet.


      Thanks in Advance..

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          Raju Kannuri

          Please anyone can help me..

          how to add extension particular sheet's..

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            Alexander Karlsson

            It seems like you have mixed up the two different extensions.

            There are two types of extensions, Document and Objects.


            Document extensions are added from the Document Properties dialog and they are document wide extensions that operate at a higher level then objects meaning that they usually don't have access to a hypercube of dimensions and expressions.


            Object Extensions on the other hand are added by activating web view, right clicking on a sheet and choosing add object. Then simply drag the desired object onto the sheet. Object extensions are basically like any other chart, they can include a hypercube (dimensions and expressions) and usually visualize that data.

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                Raju Kannuri

                HI Alex,


                If we are use document extension, it shows all sheets.

                but i need only one sheet... how to add object level..


                is it possible???

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                    Alexander Karlsson

                    No, a document extension can not be explicitly added to a single sheet. It will be added to the document and the document extension code will fire for all sheets.


                    You could however code your document extension to only fire if a specific sheet is active and sort of simulate a sheet level document extension.


                    This is some pseudo code to get you started.


                    Qva.AddDocumentExtension('Your Document Extension', function() {
                         //Check if a specific tab is active using jquery. Need to escape the backslash in the id.
                         if( $('#Document\\\\SH01').hasClass('selectedtab') {
                              //The sheet SH01 is currently active. Do something.
                              $('.QvPageBody').css('background-color', 'red');