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    Splitting data into 3 groups

    dick elsman

      Hi guys,


      So I have a problem I can't seem to think my way around:


      i have a dataset of trucks with  certain profits, costs and margins.

      To analyse these trucks, i will need to split them up into 3 groups:

      - Best Trucks ( above  +10%  of average margin)

      - Average Trucks (between +10% and -10% of average margin)

      - Not so good Trucks. (below -10% of average margin)


      now i want to create a field that when i click on 'average', the set with margin between +10% and -10% is filtered (on the same way as when you select a specific month in the dataset).


      so I figured i would have to use avg(TOTAL Margin), but i don't know how to make a field using the statement..


      it would be awesome if you can help me!


      Best regards!