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    IntervalMatch() - how to use it in this case?

    Friedrich Hofmann



      I have a new requirement, something I haven't done before, at least not in this constellation, so some help would be nice:

      - I have a table with all the employees we have (or had) in our company, together with their joining_date and leaving_date
      => There are those that are currently with the company
      => There are those who have already left (with the corresp. leaving_date)


      I have no specific date_field in the table. In my app I have a master_calendar, that has every day.

      Now I have to use IntervalMatch to find out which employees were there on a given day, so that day (from the calendar)

      must be matched to the interval between an employee's joining_date and his/her leaving_date.


      I used IntervalMatch() before, but then I had a list - an inline_table - of intervals. This time around, I have two tables - one (the calendar) has every single day and the other has the joining_date and leaving_date.

      So how to go about this?

      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,