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    Chart Aggr - Max of Dimension

    Peterjohn Griffiths

      Hi all,

      I'm having loads of fun with charts, but have come across the below and wonder if anyone can help.

      I have a chart as follows;

      Qlikview Chart Aggr.png

      The Blue bar is calculated by an expression =count(AssignedToTeam)

      I want the red to show the Max of count(AssignedToTeam) in the chart.

      After reading my qlikview developer book and looking online I have come up with the following expression and can't figure out why it isn't working as I expect.

          =max(aggr(count([AssignedToTeam]), [AssignedToTeam]))

      I want all of the Red bars to be the Max Value. In this example 13565.

      This is probably an easy one, but I can't see why this isn't giving me what I want.

      Many thanks.