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    How to load data from QVD when where condition is there!

      Hi All,

      What changes I have to do in the below script to load data from the QVD. I think instead of SQL select --> Load but other changes I don't know what to do. So please let me know what can be done.



      sql select
      stk.c_name+' '+stk.c_code OSstockist,
      rep.c_name+' '+rep.c_code OSrepname,
      am.c_name+' '+am.c_code OSamname,
      rm.c_name+' '+rm.c_code OSrmname,
      zm.c_name+' '+zm.c_code OSzmname,
      gm.c_name+' '+gm.c_code OSgmname,
      s.c_depo_code OSdepot,
      s.c_depo_code+'/'+s.c_year+'/'+s.c_prefix+'/'+string(s.n_srno) OSsettledocno,
      s.c_depo_code+'/'+s.c_year1+'/'+s.c_prefix1+'/'+string(s.n_srno1) OSdocno,
      s.n_amount OSamount,
      s.d_date OSdate,
      s.d_lr_date OSlrdate
      settle_mst s
      left outer join act_mst stk on s.c_cust_code=stk.c_Code
      left outer join act_mst rep on stk.c_rep_code=rep.c_code
      left outer join act_mst am on rep.c_rep_code=am.c_code
      left outer join act_mst rm on am.c_rep_code=rm.c_code
      left outer join act_mst zm on rm.c_rep_code=zm.c_code
      left outer join act_mst gm on zm.c_rep_code=gm.c_code
      where stk.n_type=4 and stk.n_stockist>=;