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    Slider range for Qlikview



      I have a column of "plants height(cm)" in the data, looking as such:

      'le' meaning lesser & 'gt' meaning greater


      *And yes in the data itself they are already in range and not a absolute number.

      So instead of example "101.2cm" , what I will see in the data is "gt 110"

      I need to create a slider, so I can pick a range I want to look at.

      HOWEVER, my slider with dimension/field being: plant height

      should be at MIN =1 and MAX=200

      and in static steps of 10.




      I tried exactly what i mentioned above, didnt edit the script or anything, but it didnt work.

      I want it in the way where once i filter example "100",

      I will get in my chart, the results of "75-100" & "100-130" 's bar graph (as seen in column screenshot).


      Thank you!!