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    Select Certain rows and store into excel

    Ridhaa Hendricks



      I have an excel spread sheet , on the spreadsheet there is about 120 000 rows only with telephone numbers


      I need to break this spread sheet up into segments of 4000 numbers and store them into separate spread sheets

      so I should end up with 30 Spread sheets.


      My 1st issue is that when do a where clause , " Where Rowno () < 4000" it works

      but when I say "Where  Rowno () > 4000 and Rowno () < 8000" it doesnt seem to bring anything back


      also I need to store each 4000 segment into a spread sheet


      "Store [1st4000] into [C:Desktop/1st4000.xls] " it does store it into the file, but when you open it it says it is corrupt

      what am I doing wrong?