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    Parse out text between two identifiers



      I'm having a little bit of an issue parsing out text found in between two identifiers (strings)


      What I am trying to accomplish is below - for example


      I have a string field named resource and it has the following values:


      |Wireless Transport|WT-ABC-1505|Process statistics

      |Wireless Transport|WT-ABC-1506|Process statistics

      |Wireless Transport|WT-XYZ-303556|Process statistics
      |Wireless Transport|WT-XYZ-303109|Process statistics


      What I want as the result is to extract the data found between |Wireless Transport| and |Process statistics|, however I do not want to include the numerical text as the result. What I would expect the result to be is as below:





      If anyone has any suggestions to parse out this information that would be great!


      Thank you in advance.