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    Qlikview Standalone Desktop is getting Hanged.

    Shubhasheesh Chakraverty

      Dear Forum,

      I am in process of designing a Qlikview application for HR and Recruitment management and this is not a big application.

      It contains 21 tables out of which 17 tables are master tables and contains not more than 1000 records, however other 4 tables got around 30 to 35 lacks of records.

      After loadind all tables compleately, qlikview document is getting around 45 MB size and getting hanged.

      There are no synthetic keys, no cyclic references exists.

      All tables are connected on single column and no complex keys used within.

      There are 4 sheets and all contain same selections in Listbox and Multiboxs, when i add Tablebox or Straight table the documents alert "Out of Logical memory, Increasing 0.2 MB".

      This is quite natural when application is very big but in this case I don't see this application is that big or my data model is that big or complex.

      What can be the probable reason for this app.

      1. IIS is also running on the same machine where QV Server is also running.

      2. Development is on this server machine.

      3. SQL server is also installed.

      4. Lots of services are on over this machine, which i feel are useless at this point.

      5. Any performance panality on using Outer join or concatenate in data modeling.

      Any General or Specified Ideas?

        • Qlikview Standalone Desktop is getting Hanged.
          Gordon Savage

          That doesnt seem to be a large document at all. Has the server run out of memory?

          The only thing is that you have 21 tables all connected which is unusual. As an experiment, try joining some of the tables together to combine their data and reduce the number of tables/links that Qlikview has to manage.



            • Qlikview Standalone Desktop is getting Hanged.
              Shubhasheesh Chakraverty


              I tried to join tables using outer join so that all data must be there and no record from master or fact table will be removed, but same out of memory problem exists. That's make to think this is due to unwanted services. There is 3 GB ram in server. There is one more thing out of 3 large tables 1 is replica of employee ( master table ) this table is used to link employee with allocation. Is it possible due to repetation of records in these 2 tables system getting hanged.

            • Qlikview Standalone Desktop is getting Hanged.
              Michael Solomovich

              There is a possibility that the problem is with your table box and/or straight table. Try to remove all front end objects except list- and multi-boxes, and see if it works.

                • Qlikview Standalone Desktop is getting Hanged.
                  Shubhasheesh Chakraverty


                  This is begning of application. There are only selections on document and 1 or 2 table box is slowing down application.

                  Any suggessions !

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                      Michael Solomovich

                      I still think that the problem is not in data model. And, the number of records is really small to cause any problem. What's your qvw files size?
                      Most likely something is wrong with your front-end objects. Try to remove them. I'm not talking about selections - just delete your front end charts/tables and see if it changes anything.

                        • Qlikview Standalone Desktop is getting Hanged.
                          Shubhasheesh Chakraverty


                          As i said this is begening of application. No charts or front end objects exists. On 1'st sheet itself if i add three table box this warning is shown. This made me to believe that server is also hosted on this machine and there is an application hosted might taking enough ram or logical space. What u say, is it possible?

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                            Shubhasheesh Chakraverty

                            Also Michael, if i use outer or left joins then my app size becomes 35+ MB but removing these joins it becomes 8+ MB. Which means lots of space is consumed in maintaining relations.

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                                Jonathan Dienst


                                Obviously I have not seen your data model, but "out of memory" and "outer join" sort of jumped out at me (especially if outer join means full outer join).

                                Remember that an outer join can significantly increase the size of the data. If you have two tables of 3 million records each that overlap on only 1 record, your result set will have 6 million (minus 1) records. If they overlap on none, you could get a cartesian join and land up with 9 000 billion records.

                                I suggest that you try selectively commenting out part of the load script to reduce the model until it loads OK. Then add back the script (excluding the last bit you commented out) one step at a time and confirm that everything loads OK, when it fails you have found the problem (or at least part of it).



                            • Qlikview Standalone Desktop is getting Hanged.

                              Yeah Bro...... 3 Things to do...... 1.Removal of SQL SERVER. 2.IIS SERVER. 3.NO JOINS .

                              SHOULD BE THERE IN YOUR SCRIPT.



                              BEST OF LUCK......


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                                  Michael Solomovich

                                  Well, it doesn't matter much that the application "is in the beginning" - you do have a few table boxes on the front end that may be a problem.
                                  Since I don't have enough information to identify the problem, I'm trying to guess the possible reasons.
                                  1. Large amount of data. Looks like it is not the case, given that the biggest table is ~1000 records.
                                  2. Ineffective data load script and data model design. It is a possibility. A unreliable but at least somewaht informative sign would be the size of QVW file. It should be rather small given the number of records, I'd expect less than a megabyte (although the nature of records, text vs. numbers can make a difference). Size 8 MB looks a little too large, not speaking of 35 MB. look carefully at you script, you apparently got something not quite roght there.
                                  3. The front end objects. You do have table boxes, and they may be a problem depending on what fields you're using there, and how they are related to each other. That is a sort of cartesian join on the front end, and it may take all the RAM you have and more. It would be easy to test by simply deleting these tables and see if it helps.

                                  I hope it will give you an idea where to look for the solution. For a more specific help, you have to provide your application.

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                                      Shubhasheesh Chakraverty

                                      Dear Everone,

                                      First thanks for replying. I have removed all the joins and concatenate and thus my qvw file shrinked to 5 MB pretty good i belief.

                                      Today i called IT people and they checked the condition of RAM when this " Out of Virtual or Logical memory, Allocating 2 MB" error occurs but RAM was not full at that time. Also we have increased the paging file size in C: drive to 3 GB but nothing changed.

                                      Now this make me to think is it related to hardware someway like Pentium D class computers have little cache memory or something simmilar....

                                      From QV side Data model is very simple, i'll attach application for communities view.

                                      Thanks everyone.