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    cannot distribute pdf through email

    Hassam Ahmed

      Hi All,


      I had a problem previously that every time i was distributing a PDF File through task it ends up with a TIME_OUT i tried to increase the Time_Out value in the settings.ini but that did not worked for me. So i had to perform a clean installation for PDF Exchange again by uninstalling and re-installing the PDF Exchange. Since than i am unable to distribute any PDF report via email through task, as it always ends up with a warning :


                Warning Failed to send mail to "abc@domain.com"

      "I have a Qlikview Server Cluster environment."

      This issue was previously resolved by installing the windows TELNET feature and configuring it, could it be possible if any one could share that how to configure the TELNET feature.


      This issue was previously resolved by following the thread but unfortunately i am unable to configure the telnet feature.

      PDF Publisher: Could not print report. ErrorCode=TIME_OUT_ERROR


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.