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    Villyee Anderson

      Hi Community,


      I have created two application, Document001 and Document002


      and I have two user QV001 and Qv002


      I have apply DOC CAL on Document001 for user QV001 but steel that user able to access Document002.


      i want to restrict QV001 to access Document002, how can i achive this.


      Thanks in advance,


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          Ashfaq Mohammed

          Hi Can you confirm the QV001 user some have allocated named CAL?




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            Friedrich Hofmann



            it is strange that your user is able to access an app that he/she does not actually have a license for - should be impossible.

            Anyway - look up the Section_Access. You can give ADMIN or USER access to an app to specific users, e.g. using their NTNAME (PC logon) - other persons that you haven't specified there will not be able to open the app, although they might have a license for it.

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              vishal waghole

              Hi Villyee,


                   OK now let me explain with example.


                   Say I have two Applications 1. Sales and 2. Inventory.


                   Now I have 3 Users, Say User1, User2 and User3.


                   The Authorization is as follows.


                   User1 -> only Sales

                   User2 -> only Inventory

                   User3 -> Both.


                   Now what I will do first is Assign the Document CAL's to the users and document.


                   What will happen in this scenario is All users will see all applications, but when they click on the application, the application will open only if that user has proper license.


                   Now requirement is User should see the application which they are authorized to.


                   Due to the Windows Security, "Users" group will be included in the security of the file.


                   What needs to be done is, remove the Users Group from security. And Add the users who are authorized to see the application.


                   So in our example


                   1. Sales application will have User1 and User3 included in security Tab.

                   2. Inventory application will have User2 and User3 included security Tab.


                   So User1 will see only Sales application, User2 will only Inventory and User3 will see both applications.


              -- Regards,

              Vishal Waghole