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    Leverage polynomial trendlines in a script or expression

      The "Chart Properties: Expressions" contain a nice option of displaying the trendlines. For the linear trendline there is a corresponding linest family of statistical aggregation functions. However I have not found the way to do the same for other types of trendlines.

      Do you know a way of getting Qlikview to calculate following trendline factors:

      Polynomial of 2nd degree, Polynomial of 3rd degree, Polynomial of 4th degree,Exponential

      May be there is a way to leverage VBS or JavaScript to access that calculation?


      What I need to do is to see which of my customers are deviating from the (e.g. Polynomial of 3rd degree) forecast in most recent period. So in Qlikview there would be a chart with actual data vs trendline (this is already possible) and there will be a listbox with the calculated dimension "Deviation Flag".


      The calculation of that Deviation Flag against forecast of Polynomial of 3rd degree is what I need to create.