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    Set Analysis to compare prior quarter to current quarter based on selection

    Joe Hutchings

      I have a problem with Set Analysis that I have so far been unable to resolve.


      I am developing a Suppler Scorecard dashboard. The user will select a supplier(vendor) and a year (and possibly a set of quarters in that year).


      I would like to develop a trend graphic that compares on-time receipt from prior quarter against current quarter for the selected vendor.


      The problems I'm having:


      1. How exactly can I calculate prior quarter from the current date?
      2. How can I make the set analysis expression respect the selected vendor?


      Just to experiment, I have tried this expression to see if I could get the sum of all "on-time" receipts for a prior date range - but it always returns 0?




      vLast6MonthFromSelected = MonthStart(Today()-180)

      vLast3MonthFromSelected = =MonthStart(Today()-90)

      PROMISE_DATE = the date the order was supposed to be delivered

      ON_TIME = 1 or 0 depending if the order arrived on time or not