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    Create Set Analysis from SQL Statement

      Hi everybody,


      Please what is the equivalent of this SQL Statement in SET Analysis ?


      SELECT  Aux.DRADV, SUM(Aux.nbre_de_lignes)

      FROM (

      SELECT DISTINCT dr.Date_de_reception_ADV as DRADV, dd.*

      FROM adv.dataadvagent dr, adv.dataadvagent dd

      WHERE dr.Date_de_reception_ADV < dd.date_de_traitement

      AND dd.Date_de_reception_ADV <= dr.Date_de_reception_ADV

      AND dr.Date_de_reception_ADV IS NOT NULL AND dr.date_de_traitement IS NOT NULL AND dd.Date_de_reception_ADV IS NOT NULL AND dd.date_de_traitement IS NOT NULL

      ) Aux


      LIMIT 2000


      Thanks in advance.