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    LEF Entries explained

    Christof Schwarz

      I am wondering what some of the entries in the LEF.txt file (License Enablement File) stand for; in particular:



      Obviously, this has nothing to do with the old QlikView Version 10. Is there a glossary for the differen LEF entries available?


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          Ashfaq Mohammed



          Account Manager must have answer to this question.




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            Henric Cronström

            The LEF is made as a general license-enabling file that can contain almost everything. Each tag is a line with four columns: Attribute, Value, ValidFrom, ValidTo. The two last columns are often empty.


            The ProductLevel is the tag that defines which product it is:

               1 means Analyzer (discontinued)

               2 means Professional (discontinued)

               3 means Developer (today's QlikView Desktop)

               10 means QlikView Server

               30 means QlikView Publisher



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                Dear Mr Cronström,


                Thank you for explaining the different ProductLevel entries. It has been very helpful.


                Since this post does not incorporate newer Qlik software such as Qlik Sense and nPrinting I would much appreciate it if this list could be updated to reflect the current Qlik portfolio.


                Many thanks in advance,


                Tim v. D.