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    Predictive Forecasting?

      I am working with a development group looking to release software versions.  They track the number of bugs, and how many are and closed but what they want me to do is to provide them the ability to put in a date and determine if the bugs will be resolved by that time.


      I have a graph which shows open vs. closed bugs and have applied the trendline and can forecast based on the trendline into the future (however many weeks I specify), but how do I ask if it will be done by a given date?


      Is there some way I can calculate the date they enter as X weeks into the future and then modify the chart to set the forecast number of weeks to that calculated value?


      Or, conversely, is the forecast formula available so that I can calculate how many weeks it will be until we get the number of open bugs down to a specified number?


      Thank you.