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    QVW executed via QMC task generates somewhat "different" QVD file

    Vladimir Komarov

      Hello all,


      I've just noticed an interesting issue:

      I've developed a QVD generation scripts and have tested it in from QV desktop. The result QVD file (QVD1) was successfully loaded into QVW UI application.

      After the QVD generation file was published, the QMC task was executed which produced another QVD file (QVD2).

      There is slight difference in actual QVD files sizes (2,594,121 KB for QVD1 vs. 2,594,122 KB for QVD2) which caught my attention.


      But the main surprise came when I've reloaded these file into the UI application.

      When the QVD2 file was loaded, the result QVW file significantly bigger (1,518,133 KB in size vs. 1,125,113 KB size of final UI QVW based on QVD1 file).....


      Both files contain the same number of records (24,099,984) and there is no difference in UI between these applications.


      Please note that I've loaded the UI QVW from QV Desktop in both cases, so the size difference is caused by the method the QVD was created, looks like. The QVD contains one table with 106 fields.


      Did some testing with dummy data and the results are similar. The size difference depends on the number of fields in the QVD file.

      Here is the summary:


      Environment # of fields in QVD# of RecordsQVD sizeResult QVW sizeDiff
      Desktop210,752,000209,768 KB124,789 KB
      QMC210,752,000209,767 KB124,808 KB19 KB
      Desktop1810,752,0002,389,992 KB1,713,190 KB
      QMC1810,752,0002,390,009 KB1,714,841 KB1,651 KB


      Just wondering what QV is doing to the Output QVD file if it inflates the size of QVW file that uses it??


      I would appreciate experts' advice.


      Best regards,