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    Reference Date for comparaison

      HI Everybody,


      I have data from an MySQL table that have many date, three date exactly.

      I have to display some graphics and give the possibility to the user to select a set of date and see the result just for the selected date.

      To do it, I've created a Reference Date table.


      Here is my script:




      [Data Agent ADV]:

      LOAD `Numero_de_demande` AS [Numero de Demande],

          `date_d_arrivee_DSC` AS [Date d'Arrivee DSC], Week(date_d_arrivee_DSC) AS [Semaine Arrivee DSC], MonthName(date_d_arrivee_DSC) AS [Mois Arrivee DSC], Year(date_d_arrivee_DSC) AS [Annee Arrivee DSC],

          `Livraison_attendue` AS [Date de Livraison Attendue], Week(Livraison_attendue) AS [Semaine Livraison Attendue], MonthName(Livraison_attendue) AS [Mois Livraison Attendue], Year(Livraison_attendue) AS [Annee Livraison Attendue],

          `Canal_d_arrivee` AS [Canal d'Arrivee],

          provenance AS [Provenance],

          `Numero__de_compte` AS [Numero de Compte],

          `Nom_Client` AS [Nom du Client],

          `Nbre_de_lignes` AS [Nombre de Lignes],

          `Numero_tache` AS [Numero de la Tache],

          Objet AS [Objet],

          Typologie AS [Typologie],

          Traitant AS [Traitant],

          Validation AS [Validation],

          `date_de_transmission` AS [Date de Transmission],

          `date_de_retour` AS [Date de Retour],

          interlocuteur AS [Interlocuteur],

          `date_de_traitement` AS [Date de Traitement], Week(date_de_traitement) AS [Semaine Traitement], MonthName(date_de_traitement) AS [Mois Traitement], Year(date_de_traitement) AS [Annee Traitement],

          `Livraison_effective` AS [Date de Livraison Effective],Week(Livraison_effective) AS [Semaine Livraison Effective], MonthName(Livraison_effective) AS [Mois Livraison Effective], Year(Livraison_effective) AS [Annee Livraison Effective],

          `delai_de_traitement_DSC` AS [Delai de Traitement DSC],

          `delai_de_livraison` AS [Delai de Livraison],

          `Date_de_reception_ADV` AS [Date de Reception ADV],Week(Date_de_reception_ADV) AS [Semaine Reception ADV], MonthName(Date_de_reception_ADV) AS [Mois Reception ADV], Year(Date_de_reception_ADV) AS [Annee Reception ADV],

          `Delai_de_traitement__ADV` AS [Delai de Traitement ADV],

          RMT_ADV AS [RMT ADV],

          Palier_RMT_ADV AS [Palier RMT ADV]


      SQL SELECT *

      FROM adv.dataadvagent;


      [Reference Date]:

      LOAD DISTINCT [Date de Traitement] AS Date

      Resident [Data Agent ADV];


      Then, I created a list of date from [Reference Date] in such a way that all formula will use the seleted that from [Reference Date] to display result but it doesn't work at all.


      Here is one of my SET Analysis statement

      Sum(Aggr (Sum ( {1<[Date de Reception ADV]={"=$(=P(Date))"}>} [Nombre de Lignes]), [Date de Reception ADV], Typologie))

      But it doesn't work.


      What is the problem please ?