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    Loop and Reduce Issue

    Uday Kumar



      I have a list of tables in my data model.

      I have an application which should be visible in both online and offline.

      but in offline, we should not show one sheet and its corresponding tables in the data model.

      So we added a flag field in one fact table.

      Consider it has 10001 rows. so we keep that flag=1 for first 10000 rows and flag=0 for last 1 row.

      By using loop and reduce on this flag field, we will reduce the file size by using flag =0 and flag = 1.

      When we do that, the flag = 0 reduced file is just 5MB file, but flag = 1 is of 50 MB file.

      But the actual size is 90 MB file.

      I guess, the loop and reduce is splitting only that fact table with the flag = 0, but the rest of the data in other tables becoming null.

      What is the reason for this?