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    QlikView EDX trigger: runs correctly but returns error message



      We installed the QV trigger, using the qmsedx.exe file, for QlikView 11 (11.6). It works OK, that is, it triggers the QVW within the management console as purposed to.

      However, the exe returns an error (I anonimised the command below, by using _private):


      Executed as user: <path_private>\QMSEDX.exe" -task="path_private2/TriggeredQVW.qvw" -qms=<server_adres_private -password=Epass -verbosity=5 -timeout=30Successfully started task with id/name=path_private2/TriggeredQVW.qvw  Checking the status of taskpath_private2/TriggeredQVW.qvw (id=xx)The task did not complete in time.    C:\Windows\system32>"\\path_private\QMSEDX.exe" -task="path_private2/SecondTriggered.qvw" -qms=<server_adres_private -password=pass-verbosity=5 -timeout=30Successfully started task with id/name=path_private2/SecondTriggered.qvwChecking the status of task path_private2/SecondTriggered.qvw (id=xxx)The task did not complete in time.  Process Exit Code 1.  The step failed.

      As said, the QVW's do start to run, however I cannot yet supress the 'fail message' (while there is no fail).

      Anybody knows how to solve? Many thanks.