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    Pivot Table selection mechanics - select row then column has odd functionality

    Nick Listerman

      I have a pivot table with 2 dimensions and 1 expression:



           Row: Product (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, etc)

           Column: Opened_Date


      Expression: Volume (number of incidents opened for the product and on the opened_date)


      If I click an expression value, say 12 incidents opened for Outlook on 7/4/2014, the pivot table shows only Outlook and 7/4/2014 date.  This is perfect.


      If I click a row value, say Outlook, the pivot table shows only that row with the volume over all the dates.  If I then click a date, the selection on Outlook clears, all products appear, and the pivot table shows only the date just selected.  Is there a way to click a product in a row, then click the expression value (volume), and continue to select instead of clear the product?