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    How to get values from different tables

    Wossen Kebede

      Hi All,


      I have two tables as it shown on the attachment (Plan Time.xls). One is Actual time table that shows hours for different employees who spent their time on different clients. The second one is the Plan time table.

      I was trying to show on QlikView exactly what it has shown as Plan vs. Actual table.

      I use the expression 'Aggr(Sum(Hours), Client ='A' , Employee) for Actual time and 'Aggr(Sum(A), Employee' for Plan time and this works well for some of employee, but not for all. For example , employee Peter I get 90 hours under the 'Actual A' column which is correct, but for the rest of employee it gives me the total value of 642 instead of zero. And the result is the same under 'Plan A' column as well. I get 100 hours for Peter and instead of zero for the rest of employees, it gives me the total value of 690.


      I used Employee for Dimensions.


      Can anybody please advice me what I missed here?