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    Single Sign On (SSO) to access into Access Point

    Dario Partenope

      Hi all,

      we work on a QlikView Enterprise Edition Server 11.2 running with IIS and NTFS (Active Directory) Authentication.

      We have 2 kind of users:

      1. "Internal Users"
        They are inside the INTRANET. They log in to their PCs using Domain Users and they can access on the Access Point in Single Sign On: Qlik does not show any Login Pop-up and the User is identified Automatically.
      2. "External Users"
        They are users OUT of the Intranet. They log in to their PCs with a "Machine Users" and Access Point, obviously, CAN'T authenticate them automatically.

      We, obviously, have SSO problems with the second type of Users.

      They access to QlikView Documents through a Web Portal where they log in with an Active Directory User.

      They reach QlikView Document using a dynamic link to "opendoc.htm" standard page.

      I know "opendoc.htm" can receive USERID and PASSWORD parameters, but they are "Section Access" parameters.

      The Web Portal could pass the Active Directory credentials to "opendoc.htm"... But I don't know how opendoc.htm can (if it can) receive the Active Directory User by parameters.


      Someone had (and solved) same problem?


      Thanks in advance!