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    How to use chi2test_p function

      I'm trying to use the chi2test_p function to determine the statistical significance of a data set.


      First, I got it to work when using a very simple data set as follows:

      Control GroupSuccess1
      Control GroupFailure2
      Test GroupSuccess2
      Test GroupSuccess2


      If I import this as a table, using this expression produces the correct result: =chi2test_p(Impression,Result,Count)


      However, my actual data table imported into qlikview is not pre-aggregated, so it's formatted more like this:

      Control GroupSuccessA
      Control GroupFailureB
      Control GroupFailureC
      Test GroupSuccessD
      Test GroupSuccessE
      Test GroupFailureF
      Test GroupFailureG


      I tried using this expression: =chi2test_p(Impression,Result,Count(CustomerID). This produces an error: "Error: Error in expression: Nested aggregation not allowed"


      Any thoughts on what I can do in my working sheet to get the chi2test_p to work?


      I've attached the "broken" QVW in case that helps.