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    Set Analysis Problem.

      Hi There,


      I really want to write this formula but not sure how...


      I want all the entries for the current month


      This works:


      Sum({$<KeyDate = {">=$(=Only(AsAtMTD))<=$(=Only(AsAtMonthEnd))"}>} BudgetNonAccommodationCleaningDailyHours)


      But instead of AsAtMonthEnd I want this value which is the latest timesheet entry which is the result of the next expression.


      Max({$<KeyDate = {">=$(=Only(AsAtMTD))<=$(=Only(AsAtMonthEnd))"}, TimesheetHoursWorked={">0"}>} KeyDate)


      How could I write the expression to achieve this?


      e.g. Which doesn't work.


      Sum({$<KeyDate = {">=$(=Only(AsAtMTD))"}, KeyDate = P({Max({$<KeyDate = {">=$(=Only(AsAtMTD))<=$(=Only(AsAtMonthEnd))"}, TimesheetHoursWorked={">0"}>} KeyDate)>} )>} BudgetNonAccommodationCleaningDailyHours)


      Thanks in advance