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    Mulitplicating rows and data filtering


      I've got problem with preparing report using QlikView.


      I've got data in mysql database:


      ID, Name, Classification

      1, Name 1, A

      2, Name 2, B

      3, Name 3, C





      ID, ID_customer, Date, Product

      1, 1, 2014-07-01, Product 1

      2, 1, 2014-07-02, Product 2

      3, 1, 2014-07-04, Product 3

      4, 2, 2014-07-01, Product 1

      5, 3, 2014-07-01, Product 3


      What i need to do is straght table with columns:

      customer name, customer classification


      with filter on product and orderd date (range of dates).


      i've tried triggers, expression etc and i've got problem to allow user to select product and to select range of dates for order date to present only customers with specified product that they but in set range of dates.

      when I add order date as dimension to table it multiplies customer record to n where n is number of orders connected to customer, and also i don't know how to get this filter to refresh table base on selected dates range


      i would use any help with that