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    Groups in Alternate States..

      Hi All,


      I have idea on Alternate states.

      In one of the case, i created few charts and their results depends on assigned alternate states but a bit confusion while using Groups.


      For Example,

      Alternate State A is assigned to  chart number 1 and 3 dimensions.

      Alternate State B is assigned to  chart number 2 and 3 dimensions.


      Everything is working fine as expected. But, When i create a group(Lets say Group consists of  Year, month,week) and use the group in both charts I am facing problem.

      When i do any selection in the group it is having impact on other chart as well.

      Lets say from the group I have selected month in Chart1 then there is a change in Chart2 as well. Meaning both charts are showing values for Months.


      Can we assign Alternate states to Groups as well?? Or how to overcome the problem while using same group in two different charts with different Alternate States??


      So in my case when i do any selection in group in chart 1 it should not reflect in Chart 2..


      Best Regards,