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    Confused about a code I have developed - please help

    Friedrich Hofmann



      this is about a code rgd. our personell_data once more, so putting together sample_data would be kind of difficult - I have just written the critical question here, describing the code would be both time-consuming and quite difficult to grasp.

      (I assume that the code is working, I have it running for about a week now, but I'm not so sure anymore)


      The objective is to historize, on a day-to-day basis, the data about our personell (particularly, the joining_date and the leaving_date) that we get from the database - the database is not historized in a certain aspect, that's why we need this.


      The critical question, upon which the functioning of the code hinges, would be:

      => Can I, in a RESIDENT LOAD, implement a WHERE NOT EXISTS() that refers to a field that is not in the table I'm currently loading, but in a previously loaded table?

      => Acc. to the help_file, it seems I can. That would explain it.


      Thanks a lot!

      Best regards,