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    Batch file ?

    Helen Betty

      Hi All,


      What is Batch file ?

      How to create it ?

      How it can be used for Reloading an application ?

      please give me explaination with screen shots...




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          Anand Chouhan



          Bat file is the file with set up code of line which is used to reload the Qlikview application without opening it and relload the QV application.


          Basic syntax is:-


          "c:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.exe" /r c:\ApplicaitonFolderName\SD_Applicaition.qvw



          1. Open notepad and write code

              "c:\Program Files\QlikView\QV.exe" /r c:\ApplicaitonFolderName\SD_Applicaition.qvw


          2. And then save it with the Filename.bat in any location

                    Ex:- Reload.Bat


          3. And by the double click on the Bat file you are able to reload the application.


          4. And from the windows task scheduler you are able to triggered the bat file also