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    Is there anyone using QlikView integration with TFS in Windows XP?

      QlikView integration with TFS is working in Windows Vista with some problems. At least it works. In Windows XP it's not working. If I choose QlikView Svn Provider, only to load the configuration Window, it has the same behavior.


      Preliminary analysis:


      QV.exe is the main image of QlikView Desktop. When we use Source Control integration, QV.exe loads  QvMsscciProvider32.exe or QvSvnProvider32.exe to manage TFS or SVN integration. QvMsscciProvider32.exe uses MSSSCI to communicate with TFS Server. It loads TfsMsscciProvider.dll. This DLL loads TfsMsscciSvr.exe to consume the TFS Web Services.


      Despite some problems (maybe I tell about that in another post), in Windows 7 everything is working as expected. In WIndows XP, QV.exe successfully loads QvMsscciProvider32.exe and, after a few seconds, displays Failed to connect to QlikView Source Control Provider.


      The same occurs if I choose SNV integration.


      QV.exe seems to use named pipes to communicate with its children processes. I did an internet search looking for problems with named pipes in Windows XP, but nothing seems to apply.




      • QlikView 11.20 SR7 32 bit (11.20.12451.0409)
      • Windows XP SP3 32 bit
      • MSSCCI 10.0.61223.0 (last version)
      • Team Explorer SP1 (10.0.40219)
      • TFS 2010


      Screen shots:



      Failed to connect to QlikView Source Control Provider.jpg


      After close Source Control Settings window:

      Failed to send request to QlikView Source Control Provider.jpg


      Any help is appreciated

      Jorge Ramos