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    How to use Web Ticket SSO without having to specify Trusted IPs

      We will be integrating our QV 11.2 documents into an existing external website we provide to our customers.  We've been able to do exactly what we want with the Web Ticket SSO architecture but would like to know how to do this without having to put the IPs of all of our user's client machines into the config file.


      The issue we run into and cannot change is that the call to our QV server will be made from JavaScript inside the users browser and not therefore not from the webserver itself.  This will cause us to have thousands of users' PCs that would be to be added into the Trusted IPs.


      I thought I had read somewhere that this could be accomplished by making a call to a site on the same domain as the QV server and then have that site request the Web Ticket on the user's browser's behalf but cannot find this anywhere.


      Any thoughts or suggestions on how we can accomplish this?  Thanks!