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    conditional expression



      i am doing a dashboard to do display statistical data of a budget system.. the months start from Apr to Mar

      so as the starting month the cumulative budget (as a example ) should be $100 and for each month $100 should be added so when you come to the Dec month cumulative budget should be $900.

      since the present month is Jul the value should be $400.. and if we select Aug the $400 should be displayed without changing to $500 since still we are in the July month..


      i am trying to show this in a text box (and $100 is an assumed value there is a variable to define this value call "cum_bud")


      i know there should be conditions to check the current month and then to start doing the calculations..

      can some one plz help me to create a formula to get the value


      will really appreciate the help thank you in advance