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    Is this a bug? Loading same fields with resident

    Ben O'Hara


      I'm still new to QlikView, so I'm not sure if this is a bug or by design.

      I'm loading a QVD in, then I'm splitting the data out into separate QVDs:



      LOAD [Offence Reference],

           [Crime Category]












      LOAD *

      Resident tmpCrimes

      WHERE [Crime Category]='Other Theft'



      However when I run this code, rather than having 2 tables (well 2 tables and a synthetic join) it just dumps the data into itself:

      tmpCrimes << Crimes (qvd optimized) 499,785 lines fetched

      tmpCrimes << tmpCrimes 609,027 lines fetched


      If I alias one of the fields, it works fine, but then I don't get the replica data sets I was after.I know I can put a filter on the read from QVD, but then I lose out on the advantage of optimized reads.


      Any thoughts?