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    Conditional Where Statement

      I am trying to show the total number of projects in a table and then break that total down by Total projects won and total Projects Lost. I can get the Total Number of Projects to show but not the Total Won or Total Lost.  I would also need to break these down by percentages.


      Any thoughts?



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          Karla Rivas

          Hi Toedtli,


          Could you please provide an example.



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            Josh Abbott

            I'm assuming you want to use set analysis:


            Project - ID For Project

            Status - Won or lost, column in table


            Count({1} Distinct Project) = Total number of projects
            Count({1<Status={'Won'}> Distinct Project) = Total number of projects won

            Count({1<Status={'Lost'}> Distinct Project) = Total number of projects lost


            Replace the 'Project' and 'Status' columns above with the column names from your table.  This is done in the designer as an expression in your object, not in the script.

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              Gabriela Morales



              You can use set analysis to do this


              For total projects:



              For win projects (supposing fwin is a flag field where the value 1 is win and 0 is lost):

              count({$<fwin={1}>} projectid)


              For lost projects

              count({$<fwin={0}>} projectid)


              (you can also use 'distinct' with any of the count functions above)


              Hope this helps