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    Reference Lines Alternative?

    Cassandra Baqir

      I am adding in reference lines in targets in a few charts and the logic is getting quite complex. I was hoping that there was another way to get the same result.


      The intent is to add targets based on Tower and Fiscal Year. What is getting complex is that I need to not show the reference line if 1-3 work types are selected or if any Depts are selected. I also have different targets for each tower depending on the fiscal year. Is there an easier way of accomplishing this other than a whole lot of reference lines?


      For each tower and FY for graph 1:

      1. e.g. (TOWER = 'TowerA')and (GetSelectedCount([Dept])=0) and ([Fiscal Year] = 'FY14') and ((GetSelectedCount([Work Type])=0) or (GetSelectedCount([Work Type])=4))
      2. It gets to be even more complex with 3 or 4 reference lines on a different graph.


      Graph 1: