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      Hi Community,

      In QlikView, there is a menu "Report". How does one create reports using this menu? What are the facilities that bring this menu?

      Please if there exist a documentation about this menu, i will be very happy.

      Thanks for your help.


        • Menu REPORT in QLIKVIEW
          Karl Pover

          The Report option is not all that difficult. Once you create a new report, it basically comes down to dragging objects from your application into the blank report page. You can create text, image and current selection objects just for your report, but all other objects are dragged into the report pages from the application.

          Some useful feature of the report option is the multi-page page which you can use for long tables that don't fit on one page. Also, the banding feature is excellent for printing multiple versions of the same report for each value in a filter. (eg. Sales Report for each separate salesperson.)

          Keep in mind that the reports aren't fixed. When you print a report, your current selections in QlikView are taken into account.

          In the QV application "What's New in QlikView X", which you can find in the list of examples in the "Getting Started" section in QlikView Developer, you can see an example report. Also, clicking on the Help button in the Reports screen will send you to the documention that describes all the features of the Reports option.

          I hope that helps. Regards.