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    Site utilization Continuous Week count

      Hi All,


      The scenario is that we have several sites which gets utilized and when  the current value goes above threshold value ,we get alert.

      I have to find out for each site , the count of weeks starting from the current week when  it was continuously alert status without break of alert in any week.

      Also data for a site comes into the table only when it has been alerted.


      Site A was alerted for July 3rd week, July 2nd week but not on July 1 st week then count should be 2.

      Site B was alerted for July 3rd week, July 2nd week, July 1 st week,June 4th week ,June 3rd week but not on June 2nd week ,again alert came on june 1st week still then count should be 5.




      Jatin Kolhe.