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    How Trasform Row in Column???

    Federico Casarotto

      Hi all!

      I have a big problem!

      I'm loading a crm table where there are different contacts (Sales Manager, Edp Manager, etc) for the each customer.

      I have to obtai a unique row for any Customer code with all contact.


      Table A:


      abc ltdmr Coopercfocooper@abc.com
      abc ltdmr Laivesciolaives@abc.com
      gold ltdmrs Bluesedpblues@gold.com
      gold ltdmrs Greenciogreen@gold.com
      gold ltdmrs Blackcfoblack@gold.com

      New Table:


      abc ltdmr Coopercfocooper@abc.commr Laivesciolaives@abc.com
      gold ltdmrs Bluesedpblues@gold.commrs Greenciogreen@gold.commrs Blackcfoblack@gold.com

      Every suggestion will be appreciate!!!!