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    Change colors on rows

    Dagrun Haugland

      I have made a pivot table to show a list of employees and whether or not they are approved. The value in the data model  is actually an integer. If the sum of this value is grater than 0 for a certain employee then he or she is approved. This value is named "Result".


      The dimension for the  pivot table is the name of the employee.


      The expression I have written is: IF(SUM(Result)>0, 'Approved', 'Not approved')


      The pivot table show the values as "Approved" or "Not Approved" just as i intended. I would however also like to add colors to the rows. I would like for it to be green if it is approved, and red if it is not approved. Does anyone know how to do this?


      I tried getting colors by using the "Visual Cues", but as I have changed the value shown to text messages I did not get it to work. It is however working if I just output the original integer values, by using the expression SUM(RESULT).