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    Using variable value in Set Expression

    Abhishek Agarwal



      I'm trying to store one dynamic expression in a variable and then trying to utilize in the expression.



      vCurrent_Quarter = 1

      vCurrent_Year = 2015

      vNext_Quarter = If($(vCurrent_Quarter)=4,'Q'& 1 & ' ' & Right(($(vCurrent_year)+1),2),'Q'&($(vCurrent_Quarter)+1) & ' ' & Right($(vCurrent_year),2))


      Expression: Sum({$<FQY = {'$(=vNext_Quarter)'}>} Amount)


      Basically the FQY values are Q1 15, Q2 15 etc. and based on the Current year variable value, I want to produce the next quarter FQY value. For ex. if Current Quarter variable value is 1 then the FQY value should be Q2 15.


      Thanks in advance for your help!!!