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    Creating a Combo Bar-Line Chart (Dual-Axis)



      Thanks in advance. I am trying to create a combo bar-line chart, more specifically:


      X Axis with Period (i.e. each month from 2012-2013)


      The bar chart being represented with the number of transactions (each transaction has multiple line items, which are denoted by a transaction ID. I believe I have to sum these and then use the count function to get the Number of transactions? Please confirm).


      The line chart being represented by the transaction amount.


      Can someone please provide guidance on this? Currently I have:




      Where _Period = Period
      _DR_Amt = Transaction Amount

      _Journal_ID = Transaction ID


      Below is a picture of what I want the graph to look like. This is taken from Tableau:


      This is what I currently have appearing in Qlikview:


      I am having trouble figuring out how to get the "dual axis" on my Qlikview. I believe that is hindering my line graph from appearing. I would appreciate if someone could let me know how to do this as well.


      Thanks so much!