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    Alex Pan

      Hi All

      We are going to implement the clustering in our VM env.


      The plan is that we will have 2 boxes and first box will install Qlikserver and 2nd will install the publisher.


      If we want to use the clustering, the 2nd should also install Qlikserver in order for the services to run. Am I correct?


      My question is how the 2nd sever should be setup so that first server can see it.


      Both servers are running WindowsServer 2012


      If you have instructions that would be better. Thank you!

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          Erik Gustafsson

          Hi Alex,


          I recommend you to read this: Troubleshooting QlikView Server in a virtual environment 11/13 . For your questions:

          Yes, you need to install QlikView Server on both machines in order to cluster then.

          You need to open ports (4747) for the QVS services to be reachable. Only one of them should have the QlikView Management Console installed. Make sure they have the same amount of resources, and make sure they are dedicated - we do not recommend memory ballooning in any way.

          Windows Server 2012 is supported - recommendation is to use the latest version of QlikView, which is v11.20 SR7.