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    how to visualise separate targets in same chart

      Dear all,


      I need to create charts for some sets of data, where, in each chart, the latest results of various Business Units are visualised.

      In the same chart, these results need to be benchmarked against targets, which are different for every BU.

      These charts will be pretty much static. It is just meant to give a snapshot overview, no user interaction, all data is fixed by using set analysis in the expression. Data variability is hence a function only of weekly data reload.


      I am trying to have some inspirations by researching around in the internet, but with no success so far.

      I was also reading this document


      interesting, but not so useful for my matter.

      From a data point of view, I created an additional target field, with the values of the targets and the applicable BU labels.


      attached I have three options I came up with, but they are all somehow unsatisfactory for one reason or another


      solution A.

      very easy to maintain. hard to read; rather than result Vs. actual, it shows the result vs the gap to the target (if overachievement, gap is on the left of the bar)

      actual numbers for the results / to be achieved do not appear if the segment is too short


      solution B.

      creation of two charts, layered above each other. So quite some maintenance is required, because charts tend to misalign if results are starting to be unexpectedly big or small. Results are directly comparable to targets; but I cannot find a way to show target values.


      solution C.

      also here we have layered charts plus some graphics objects. Very high maintenance. Very messy (as you can see in picture already). Targets values are visible, but indeed it easily gets messy.


      How would you display these?

      Do you please have some suggestions for me?


      Thank you so much!