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    Bookmark URL only works when dashboard already open

    Andrew Quirin



      I'm noticing an odd behavior with bookmarks inside one of my dashboards and am wondering if anyone can help.

      One of my users has created a bookmark on the server and is looking to share that bookmark with his team.

      He has generated a URL using the 'Mail Bookmark as a Link' function.


      If he uses the link to bring up the dashboard initially, it loads the dashboard, but not the bookmark.

      Then, if he clicks the link again (while the dashboard is loaded in browser) the dashboard reloads with the bookmarks and works properly.


      They're using the AJAX plug-in and don't have access to the IE plug-in.

      Is this normal behavior?
      Is there a way for the url to load the dashboard with the bookmarks even if they're not already open in browser?