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    Ignore set analysis when filtering on a field value HELP!!!


      I need to sum premium amounts where the PLAN NAME includes the word Life or Health and when the MONTHLY INCOME is greater than $1,000.  Then I also need to include PLANs that are identified as a APP TYPE of Senior regardless of monthly income and plan name.  My problem is when I filter on other APP TYPES  I cant get exclude the Senior APP TYPES.  Any suggestions. would be greatly appreciated....






      Data Sample:


      SaleIDAPP TYPEHouseholdMonthlyIncomePLAN NAME
      4a826894-6825-4150-9c62-928344725d23Basic1000WHOLE LIFE NON SMOKER
      10a7e0a5-270a-48af-bc71-3945916dd366Basic1400WHOLE LIFE NON SMOKER
      6381779d-c62c-4f2c-a705-574191a2aab3Senior PREFERRED LIFE SMOKER
      e9d2eac8-1d29-41ab-991f-d78b8cb7e713Basic1000WHOLE LIFE NON SMOKER
      f231b1d6-ddb2-4e3c-8559-a90a17f1ba54Basic7400PREFERRED LIFE SMOKER