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    Win 8.1 and QV11.20 SR7 Plugin with IE11

    Jarel Villarroya

      At first I thought that the plugin wasn't working at all because our Access Point still loads all applications using AJAX.  Today after updating to QV11.20 SR7, it was still the same thing.  When I click on view details for any apps they just list "Full Browser Version" and "Small Device Version"


      I did however, change the &client=Ajax in the URL and changing it to &client=Plugin, and when I paste that in IE11 the QVW loads with the IE plugin.


      So now I can access apps from the Access Point with the IE plugin, but it is still an annoyance.  It seems like for some reason the Access Point doesn't see that I have the plugin installed.  Has anybody had the same issue and know how to fix it properly?  Our server is 11.20 SR3 Build 12018 I think, should that make a difference?