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    Suggest Best Data Modeling in this situation??

    ashok Velisetty

      Hi All,


      I have four tables

      1.Material Base (like master)it contains "plant&material". it doesn't contain year and month.





      rest of the three contains plant,material,year&month.


      In the front end we need to use plant,material from "Material Base" only and common year and month for all tables.


      we need to show mard-stock separately,Mssl-Stock separately and ZZMM-Stock separately for plant and material wise which is coming from Material Base table.


      What i did : created hard coded master calender and outer join with Material Base table after that i given link to all other tables with "Plant&Material&year&Month". But i think this is not accurate because with out any reference i joined calender and Material base table.

      so suggest me any good way.



      Thanks in advance,