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    Swapping Qlikview License between servers

    Michael Jordan

      Hi All,


      We have three environments in our organisation 1. PROD 2. UAT 3. Development.

      Now whenever we wish to try new things we try it on Development Environment, subsequently on UAT & on PROD.


      We wanted to try Qlikview with IIS on Dev Environment. We initially tested it by swapping license from UAT for a Temporary duration.

      Then we swapped back the license back to the UAT Environment once the test on Dev was found successful.


      Now when I wish to test it back on Dev Machine, normally the QVWS use to show off Duty. Now when I switched the license back on Dev Machine and only restarted relevant service, keeping the QVWS off. Still the Management Console shows it as running.
      and the acesspoint is not working now.


      Do anyone know what should I do to up the Access Point? I have tried restarting the Dev Machine also check that all the services on UAT server are off but nothing is working.


      Thanks in advance.